Free People's Musical Creativity

Our Vision

We believe that music practice must be simplified to be accessible to as many people as possible and thus allow everyone to unleash their musical talent and creativity.

Our Motivation

We make intuitive and sustainable musical instruments that offer a new approach to music making. We give access to digital music with simplicity and immediate fun, whatever the age or culture.

However, 90% of learners eventually give up on their musical instrument in the next 12 months. Why?

Learning a new instrument can be daunting and is often expensive. Too many beginners feel discouraged by slow progress, or stuck playing music they don’t know. On the other hand, electronic machines and musical softwares remain too complex to handle.

Pascal - CEO & co-founder

"Our goal is simple: to have more and more people who enjoy practicing music every day, no matter what their level is!"

Arnaud - COO & co-founder

"We created J-Play to for those who want to take their first step into digital music in a spontaneous and intuitive way."

Joué's First Notes

When Pascal (co-creator of the first multi-touch controller "Lemur", made famous by artists like Björk, Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails...) and Arnaud team up in 2016, the two collaborators have only one thing in mind: designing a MIDI controller at the crossroads of acoustic and digital instruments. Both durable and ultra-expressive, the J-Play pro option was born.

Beyond producers won over by the technology of the J-Play pro option, its modularity and innovative design also appealed to musicians who were not converted to digital music-making. However, compatible music production softwares remain complex and the spontaneity and expressiveness found with acoustic instruments is not yet there.

To open up to those wishing to take a first step into digital music in a spontaneous and intuitive way, the team developed a turnkey application to accompany the instrument. This time, no complex settings to experiment and create: the Joué Play is here!

We attach great importance to the design and manufacturing of our products, with respect for the environment and people.

A moving ecosystem

We are located in the Darwin coworking space in Bordeaux, France.

A place in line with our values of ecological transition and social alternatives.

In harmony with the planet

In order to create high quality instruments that respect the planet, we carefully select the materials used to manufacture our products.
To date, we limit the use of petrochemical materials and use wood from sustainably managed forests.

Human relations in the spotlight

We value the relationships created with our industrial partners. Our products are manufactured locally, which ensures reliability, shared company values and mutual trust.

Finding the right balance

Our instruments are the perfect fusion between traditional instruments and the digital world.

We focus on innovation and expertise to deliver an exceptional playing experience to our users.

A unique expertise

Our team is expert in the design and manufacturing of digital instruments for several decades.

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide the best possible playing experience with our instruments..

A daily inspiration

Always listening to our users, whether they are beginners, amateurs or expert musicians, our community of players remains our most important partner in the way they inspire us every day.

Join the Community of Players

A multidisciplinary team of enthusiasts

jérôme - finance director

marjorie - marketing director

pascal - ceo & co-founder

Arnaud - COO & co-founder

alice - ux/graphic designer


jacques - industrial designer

sebastien- hard developper


Tom - Electronic & sound engineer

emmanuel patrois - soft developper

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