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Joué Play

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The Joué Play combines an expressive multi-instrument, an intuitive application and interactive content to practice. It's also a MIDI controller compatible with all MIDI music softwares (DAWs).

-Play Board (wood, metal, pressure sensitive captor)
-Play Pads: Piano, Guitar, Drums, Xylophone (silicone, RFID chip)
-USB-C to USB cable- C + adapters (Apple Lightning & USB-A)
-Storage case
+ Free Joué Play app available on macOS, Windows and iPadOS
+ Free video tutorials

The Joué Play application is available on macOS, Windows and iPadOS.

The Joué Play is a MIDI controller that can be used with all MIDI-compatible applications and music softwares.

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Craft your audio track easily!

New Audio Pad

The new Audio Pad opens the doors to audio in the Joué app!

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Experiment Music Creation Freely

Get started now with Joué Play, an all-in-one system combining:




Open New Musical Worlds in a Snap

Switch pads on the fly to instantly transform your Joué Play into a guitar, piano, drums or keyboard and explore their assigned sound banks.

creative effects

The effect zones on each of the Play Pads allow you to modify the sound to add the little touch that will make the difference in your creation. Add distortion, reverb and more.

expressive effects

Joué Play's unique technology offers a sensational expressiveness. Express yourself in the moment with natural gestures and enjoy all the spontaneity and expressiveness of acoustic instruments.

Don't Program, Just Play!

Enter a creative mode with no barriers thanks to a turnkey app. No need to spend hours on overly complex music software, enjoy the simplified version of essential music creation tools in the Joué Play App.

Available for macOS, Windows and iPadOS.


Choose the number of bars and easily record your musical loops.


Adjust the volume of your song or of individual tracks.

visual feedback

View the notes that are played in real time.


Change the tune of your instruments and choose your scale.


Choose the BPM of your track and activate the metronome to play along.

live quantize

Always play in rhythm by setting your notes on the tempo.

MIDI & Audio export

Export your song as MIDI clips and audio STEMS.

section edit

Cut your track into parts, duplicate and move them.

free tempo

Your first loop sets the tempo of your track.

Build up your Skills

Practice by learning the basics or by replaying a selection of famous songs step by step through a series of video tutorials, also available as projects in the Joué Play App.

Practice tutorials

Get familiar with the fundamental principles of musical practice.

How to Play covers

Turn the songs you love into the ones you'll love to replay.

Get Inspired by Artists' Sound Worlds

Available as direct download in the Joué Play App, Artist Packs invite you to explore the musical worlds of renowned artists with 8 new Signature instruments to add to your library to enrich your creations.

Explore Other Forms of Creation

Use the Joué Play with its dedicated app or compose with hundreds of sound banks via Garageband, learn to play in a fun and playful way with Melodics or remix the creations of millions of users from BandLabsocial platform.

Go Further with Pro Option

Your Joué Play evolves with you and leads you through your transition to professional music production softwares to let your creativity express itself fully.

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An Eco-Designed Instrument

So that digital music can rhyme with sustainability, the Joué Play was designed to last, just as acoustic instruments. Production is carried out with suppliers at 80% located in France, using sustainable materials.

With You Everywhere You Go

Connect your Joué Play to the app and create anywhere, when inspiration comes! Compact and lightweight, it slips easily into a backpack and follows you on the go so you don't let any musical idea slip away.