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Joué Play

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Discover a new way to make music with the Joué Play.

The Joué Play is a system that combines an expressive multi-instrument, an intuitive application and interactive content to practice.

It is also a powerful MIDI controller that you can use to control your softwares.

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Weight of a Starter Pack : 1.068 kg
Weight of a Full Pack : 1.326 kg

Materials : french PEFC beech wood, metal, soft silicon, RFID tag, pressure sensitive multi-touch sensors.

The color difference between the Fire and Water editions is purely aesthetic.

The Pro option is a factory update that is performed after purchase. You will receive a procedure email to update your Joué Play.

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Enter the world of digital music-making

Play and compose on an infinitely expressive multi-instrument. Develop new skills, improve your technique, sketch any musical idea and smoothly graduate from the Joué Play app to more complex music softwares.

A unique playing experience

Build new musical skills by varying the instruments. Once placed on the Board, the interchangeable Pads instantly transform the Joué Play into a guitar, a piano, drums or a keyboard.

Choose your style

Rather rock, reggae, electro, trap? Each pad has its own bank of 12 instruments. Explore different musical genres and experiment with new sounds thanks to the integrated effects!

With you, everywhere you go

The design of the Joué Play has been thought out to adapt to all playing styles. Compact and lightweight, it slips easily into a backpack and follows you on the go. Don't let any musical idea slip away!

Capture all your musical ideas

No need to spend hours on overly complex music softwares anymore. Easily create, modify and share your creations with the Joué Play App.


Choose the number of bars and easily record your musical loops.


Adjust the volume of your song or of individual tracks.

visual feedback

View the notes that are played in real time.


Change the tune of your instruments.


Choose the BPM of your tracks and activate the metronome to play along.

live quantize

Always play in rhythm by setting your notes on the tempo.

audio & midi export

Export your song as MIDI files and audio STEMS.

section edit

Organize your ideas by splitting your project into several sections.

tap tempo

Set the BPM of your track by tapping on your Pad.

Go even further with the Pro option

The Joué Play evolves with you to let your creativity express itself fully. Seamlessly transition from the Joué Play app to the professional features of your production software with the Pro option.

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made in france

sustainable materials

3-year warranty

Inside your pack

1 Play Board

2 or 4 Play Pads (Water or Fire edition)

1 USB type C cable

1 USB-C to USB-A adaptor

1 USB-C to Apple Lightning adaptor
1 storage bag

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Technical specifications

Play Board
Materials: PEFC beech wood, metal
Pressure-sensitive captor
RFID detection

Play Pads
Materials: Soft silicone
RFID tag

Connection: USB type C cable (power and data)
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Adaptors USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to Apple lightning included