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The Pro option is a paid factory update that turns your Joué Play into an MPE MIDI controller.

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The Joué Play app is available on Windows (min. 8.1), MacOS (min 10.11) & iOS for iPad (min 10.3).

Download the Joué Play appici

The difference in color is purely aesthetic. Note that having 8 different J-Play allows you to have 8 different instruments within the project. (1 J-Play = 1 instrument/track)

Yes, the J-Play is a MIDI controller, so it works with all MIDI compatible softwares.

Not for now. The app is meant to be used only with the J-Play.

No, this is not planned. The audio latency is too high to ensure a correct playing experience.

Yes, this is possible on iOS and MacOS only. If you have a USB hub, you can connect several Boards to the same device. Note that the J-Play application can host up to 8 Play Boards simultaneously.

J-Play Boards are powered by USB port. They do not contain a battery.

Not yet. We plan to develop bluetooth accessories that will allow you to play wirelessly.

We recommend connecting your speaker with a cable rather than bluetooth to avoid any latency that could disrupt the playing experience.

Not yet, this is a feature that will arrive in future versions of the app.

There can be several reasons why you may experience latency when using any MIDI controller with a Bluetooth audio device. It's important to note that even with all the best configuration and technology, some latency is inherent to Bluetooth audio, and might not be completely eliminated. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use a wired audio device with the Joué Play App.

Yes, the J-Play is compatible with the Joué Editor but its functions are limited. To be able to set all the MIDI messages sent by the Joué Play, go toPro option.

MPE is a complex MIDI protocol that requires specific skills to be used correctly. To take advantage of the MPE functionality, go toPro option.

No. When purchasing a J-Play, you'll find attached USB C cable.

The stand-alone J-Play application, on which you can play directly on-screen, will be available very soon.