The departure of the Joué Pro

Here you will find all the resources you need to use your Joué Pro, which disappears from the Joué range in its current form and is now replaced by the Joué Play option Pro.

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Download the Joué Editor v2.2

The Joué Editor is used to configure the Pro Pads. It allows you to set each message sent by the Pads, such as MIDI channel, note number, controller number (CC), pitch bend value and velocity amplitude.





Joué Play compatibility

Your Joué Pro is compatible with the Joué Play app. Thus, compose in an intuitive and simplified way with your family or friends. You can also use the Play Pads with your Pro Board and configure every MIDI messages sent by the pads.

Get your UVI soundpacks

Harness the full potential of MPE with polyphonic vibrato, pitchbend and aftertouch from a collection of sounds designed in exclusive collaboration with UVI.

This collection is customized for the Pro Grand Fretboard and the Pro Grand Clavier.

For any purchase of these Pro Pads, take advantage of a special UVI soundpack as well as a $ 50 coupon on UVI Falcon.

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Joué Pro user guide


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We answer your questions

No, the Joué Pro in its actual form is officially discontinued.

The Joué Play app is fully compatible with the Joué Pro. You can use the Joué Play app with your “instrumental” Pro Pads: Pro Matrix, Pro Synth, Pro Fretboard, Pro Grand Clavier, Pro Grand Fretboard, Pro Scaler. Each Pad Pro will however be its equivalent of the Play version in the app.

Yes, our Pro Pads are currently on sale, get them here

To learn more about the differences between the Joué Pro and the Joué Play with Pro option, check thispage.

Of course, our team remains available for any questions and support requests regarding your Joué Pro. You can contact us using the form below.

Contact the Joué Pro support

Our team remains available for any questions and support requests regarding your Joué Pro.