Push the boundaries of music production

The Pro option turns the Joué Play into an expressive and modular MPE MIDI controller that reacts like a real instrument. Responsive to natural gestures such as vibrato, bending and aftertouch, it brings your virtual instruments to life.

Music production redesigned

Discover a whole new way to control your software. Combine all your controllers into one device that will always be at hand in your studio or on stage.

The MPE mode

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) allows digital instruments to behave more like acoustic instruments in terms of spontaneous, polyphonic sound control. Enable the MPE mode within the Joué Editor and you'll be able to modulate all your MIDI parameters simultaneously.

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State-of-art technology at your fingertips

The technology implemented in the Joué Play offers an unparalleled playing experience. Equipped with a pressure sensitive multi-touch sensor, the Joué Play draws its unique expressiveness from an expertise developed with its ancestor the Lemur, pioneer of multi-touch controllers.

The Joué Editor

Available with the Pro option, the Joué Editor software allows you to edit each MIDI message sent by the Play Pads. Turn the Keys Pad into a mixing console or tune the Guitar Pad into a left-handed guitar: the possibilities are endless.

Download for:
macOS (10.10 minimum)
Windows (8 minimum)

Compatible with all DAWs


The UVI soundpacks

Harness the full potential of MPE with polyphonic vibrato, pitchbend and aftertouch from a collection of sounds designed in exclusive collaboration with UVI.

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They use the Pro option

You already own a Joué Play?

You've started music production with the Joué Play and want to go further?
Unlock new features with custom MIDI mapping: MPE mode, channel, velocity, CC number...

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reConnect MIDI cable

Rediscover your legendary machines with the re-Connect MIDI cable. No need for a computer or an external box. Plug the re-Connect MIDI cable into your Joué Play and it will send native MIDI messages without any latency.