Joué Play Pro Option


Use Bitwig Studio 8-track et Arturia Analog Lab Lite for free with your Joué Play Pro Option

Soundpacks UVI

The purchase of a Joué Play Option Pro gives you access to a special UVI soundpack! Harness the full potential of MPE with polyphonic vibrato, pitch bend and aftertouch from a collection of sounds designed in exclusive collaboration with UVI.

Soundpack guitar pad

Soundpack piano pad

Discover our guitare pad sound packs in collaboration with UVI

How to install my soundpacks?

1. Launch UVI Workstation

2. Connect your Joué Play Pro Option to your computer

3. Click on the File menu and select "MIDI devices" in the "audio and MIDI settings", then select "Joué Play" for port A, click "OK" (click "Refresh MIDI devices" if "Joué Play" does not appear).

Click on the browser icon, then click on preferences and go to the "soundbanks" tab to set the sound file path (add and select the folder where you placed the .ufs file).

; Then click "ok" and restart the UVI workstation. Now the Joué Play soundpack should appear in the soudbanks browser, double click on a preset to activate it and play!