A dedicated controller for djay, the #1 DJ app

J-Music and Algoriddim team up to create the J-PLAY DJ MIX. An ultra-portable controller designed to integrate seamlessly with Algoriddim's djay application.

J-Play DJ Mix Pad
J-Play DJ Mix Pad
J-Play DJ Mix Pad
J-Play DJ Mix Pad
J-Play DJ Mix Pad
J-Play DJ Mix Pad

J-Play DJ Mix Pad

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J-Music and Algoriddim create the J-Play DJ Mix Pad. An ultra-portable controller dedicated to the djay app. Instantly isolate rhythms/voices and go from Djing to production by adding more pads to your controller.

Pre-order: shipping September 1st.


Djing at your fingertips

Easily control the powerful features and intuitive interface of the djay app with the J-Play DJ MIX PAD. From STEMS controls to large effects zones, access the full range of DJing functions in an easy-to-handle controller.


Use jog-wheels to mix and scratch.

Filters & volume

Easily create smooth transitions using the volume and filter/bass strips.

Effect zone & crossfader

Take advantage of the large central area to play with effects and switch from one track to another with the crossfader.

Neural Mix™

Instantly extract rhythms, instruments and vocals from any track.

Mix with all your devices

Connect the J-Play DJ Mix to the djay app, which is available for free on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Mac OS, Android, and Windows.


With you, everywhere.

Compact and ultra-lightweight, the J-Play DJ MIX follows you wherever you go, whether you're in the studio or on the road.


Production is carried out with suppliers who share our values, most of them are based in France to limit carbon impact.


The wood used comes from sustainably managed forests (FSC). No polluting batteries. Less than 5% plastics.

Unique Know-How

The technology implemented in the J-Play offers modularity and natural gestures for a unique musical experience.

Mix and produce on the same controller

Take advantage of the versatility of the J-Play DJ MIX. Go from Djing to production by adding other pads to your controller.

In the box

1 J-Play Board (wood and metal)

1 DJ MIX Pad (silicone)

A storage bag

USB-C to USB-C cable

*The J-Play DJ MIX is MIDI-compatible*. (!) If you wish to use your J-Play with iPad or iPhone, please check the port type. USB-C to lightning adapters are available as accessories.