Signature Packs

Signature Packs allow Joué Play users to explore sounds that reflect an artist's musical universe for creative inspiration. Available as a direct download from the application, the pack offers four signature instruments presented as presets dedicated to the different pads.

A way to AMPLIFY the experience

The artists invite users to be inspired by their musical universe for their own creations.

A new broadcasting channel

The Joué Play app offers artists an innovative way to promote their musical identity.

A source of income

With each sale of a "Signature Pack" in the Joué Play app, the artist receives a commission.

integrating the sounds into the play app

Beats & samples “one shot”

For these sounds (which will be playable / triggered with the Drum Pad), you just have to provide us with the samples of each element: kick, snare, claps, sound design element... 1x wav file per sound used

MIDI Instruments & VSTs

For those instruments that can be played back in their entirety with the different pads, you just have to re-record a distinct sequence of notes, with the chosen MIDI instruments or VSTs. We provide ready-to-use templates: once loaded in a DAW (Ableton Live, Logic Pro...), the process is automated and takes only a few minutes. All you have to do is send the file! 1x wav file containing the different notes.

Acoustic & electric instruments

For those instruments that can be played back with the different pads, it is necessary to record a number of separate notes with the chosen instruments. Alternatively, we can record custom sounds close to the original aesthetic to reduce the recording work for the artist. 1x wav file containing the different separate notes (or example of sound to be reproduced)

Signature Pack

Demo Joué app

Joué Music's technical team takes care of all the work of editing the sounds and their integration into the app. A demo is then presented to the artist in order to get his/her feedback and improve the pack.