Joué Play App V2.0: let yourself be guided!

Available in a few days, the new version of the Joué Play app will guide you step by step for immediate playing pleasure. In addition to the Live Quantize feature, the little magic wand allowing you to adjust the rhythm of the notes to play in time, new features will allow you to progress quickly. Replaying well-known songs or creating your own musical creations becomes child's play!

A completely redesigned app
Once you've plugged in your Joué Play, you'll dive into to a whole new interface.

1. Artist Packs: replay songs by your favourite artists

New in the Joué Play app V2.0 : the "Artist Packs". Available for direct download in the next version of the app, the "Artist Packs" offer you a unique playing experience. You'll be guided to play your favourite artists' songs in no time.

Once you've downloaded the song, you'll have all the tools you need to play it. Different levels of difficulty will allow you to start with an ultra-simplified version and evolve towards a more and more elaborate song.

Each pack includes tutorials with two levels of difficulty to reproduce the pieces. To play them again, you can be accompanied by visual feedback.

Sorted by genre and decade, the library of Artist Packs will be enhanced by collaborations with national and international artists.

And keep an eye out: in a few days, we will announce which artist will present his first Artist Pack available in the V2 application...

Recreate your own sounds with instruments from the Artist Packs

To take it a step further, you can make your own musical creations from the instruments downloaded in an Artist Pack. For each pack, 4 new instruments are included to express yourself with.

These instruments are taken from famous titles of your favourite artists. So you can add, for example, the bass or the piano of one of your favorite songs to one of your musical loops and multiply your composition possibilities.

2.New instruments to enhance your creativity

In addition to the new sounds you get by downloading Artist Packs, the Joué Play App V2.0 will be enhanced with 8 new instruments. This means you'll have 12 instruments per pad, giving you a minimum of 48 instruments to let your inspiration and creativity flow!

"French Touch Kit Drum Rock", "Electric guitar", "Tibetan bowls"... so many new sounds that will allow you to diversify your productions and create the music that suits you.

3. Visual feedback: the essential tool for faster learning

The visual feedback feature allows beginners to develop their learning through the visual representation of the notes played in the V2 application.

The visual feedback will come with built-in tutorials that indicate where on the pad to press in time with the music. The speed of the notes can be adapted to your learning level. With the visual feedback, you'll be able to practice and play a song in a matter of moments!

All How To Play tutorial covers will be available directly in the application so you can replay them with visual feedback.

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