The instrument to make music in the moment

Starting from €300

Introducing the Joué Play

Simple & Fun

Place a pad on the board, launch the app and create a rhythm or a melody freely. You don’t need musical skills to have fun!

Stunning sounds!

An unparalleled expressivity to play like an expert. With professional quality sounds, impress your loved ones!

More than one instrument

Why choose a single instrument when you can have many? With the interchangeable Play Pads, switch from a keyboard to a guitar instantly.

Un instrument sans limite

Le Joué Play est aussi un contrôleur MIDI !

Il fonctionne avec tous les logiciels de musique compatibles MIDI : Ableton Live, FLStudio, LogicPro, Garageband... ainsi qu’avec toutes les applications musicales iOS et Android.

Play your favorite songs!

How to Play: Toast by Koffee

How to Play: Instant Crush by Daft Punk

How to Play: 1999 by Prince

Made in France

Sustainable materials

2-year guarantee

Want to try the Joué Play before buying it?

Visit us in our office in Bordeaux for a demo!

The Joué Music Sessions

The Joué Music Sessions


What differences with the Joué Pro?

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