The Joué Play is the perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree, and here is why..

It's not always easy to find the perfect, original and unexpected gift for your loved ones. What if, this year, you chose an instrument that opens the doors to digital music? 

For all the curious, beginners or initiated, Joué Music Instruments has designed a tool to create your own music in an intuitive and playful way: the Joué Play.

Evolutive, simple and fun, the Joué Play is THE good idea to put under the Christmas tree.

The Joué Play, an instrument designed for everyone

Designed for the young ones and the adults, no need to be an experienced musician: anyone can create their own sounds in no time. Whether your gift is for a Rock fan or a Hip-hop lover, using the Joué Play comes with an app that contains a bank of various sounds to create the song that suits them.

The Joué Play creates a moment of exchange between the youngests who create their first notes and the adults who discover a new way to (re) start music.The instrument will bring together the different generations during the holidays as well as the rest of the year.

Fun and easy to use

  When we start practicing music as adults, we often tend to feel discouraged or frustrated with music practice. Even if your loved one has never played an instrument in his life, he will be able to create his first melodies in a few minutes. It only takes a little bit of practice every day to see significant progress.

Once they're comfortable with the Joué Play App, they can upgrade to the Pro option, which allows them to set up the instrument with more complex computer music software.

The compact size of the Joué Play allows it to be carried in a bagpack and taken anywhere. On the train or at your holiday spot, it can be set up in seconds for practice and fun whenever you have a moment for yourself.

Along with the application that comes the intuitive and fun instrument, the Joué team regularly produces additional content that is accessible online. Youtube videos allow you to discover new techniques, explore new sound horizons, or learn how to play your favorite songs, whether they are new or classics.

For Christmas, the Joué Music Instruments team is preparing unique content to take the experience even further, developed with customer feedback and in collaboration with renowned artists.

Responsible and local

The Joué Music Instruments team carefully selects the materials used to design the instruments. Boards are designed with PEFC wood from sustainably managed forests in France . In 2021, Christmas will be eco-responsible!

At low price and fast !

The Joué Play is available from 245€ and is shipped quickly, to be on time under the Christmas tree. At the moment, delivery in France is free for all orders placed before December 6th. Take advantage of it now.

Want to test the Joué Play? Make an appointment to book a session in our showroom or with one of our ambassadors.


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