Rone launches the first Artist Pack with three iconic tracks! Joué Play App 2.0

A few days ago, we presented the new features of the V2 app that will be available at Christmas. In a brand new interface, in addition to the visual feedback feature that will allow you to learn a song note by note and new instruments to increase your creativity, the Artist Packs* will revolutionize the way you make music.

No need to spend hours watching tutorials on how to use DAW software to experiment with a few melodies and play masterpieces! With Artist Packs, we invite you to explore music making from a new perspective.

Available as a direct download in the application supplied with the instrument, each Artist Pack allows you to be guided to replay your favourite artist's songs in no time with different levels of difficulty. To take it a step further, you can use the instruments downloaded in the pack to compose new songs.

Each Artist Pack includes:

- 1 easy level project, to visualise where to place your fingers on the pad and learn to play the song note by note, at your own pace.

- 1 hard project, to get to grips with the song and play it with ease.

- 4 signature instruments, directly extracted from the downloaded track, to create your own sounds (inspired by the specific sounds of the different artists).

Rone, the first addition to the Artist Packs catalogue

A key figure in the French electronic music scene, Rone will now offer a unique experience thanks to the new Joué Play App. With seven albums and numerous collaborations to his name, Rone, the emblematic artist of the InFiné label, is constantly reinventing himself and taking us into his singular and inspired universe.

The Rone Artist Pack available in the V2.0 app:



  • 1 - Bye Bye Macadam : Recognizable among a thousand and from the first notes, this track is Rone's flagship track, released in 2012. A pure heady and poetic wonder.

  • 2- Opening : The first soundtrack of Jacques Audiard's latest film, The Olympics, currently in theaters. Rone composed it entirely, shortly after receiving the César for best composer for the soundtrack of the film "La Nuit Venue" by Frédéric Farrucci.

  • 3 - Parade : A catchy and sweet melody. From Rone's second album, "Tohu Bohu".

    The instruments from each of the "Rone" Packs will give a unique character to your creations.

    The Artist Packs catalogue will be regularly updated with new artists from different genres and decades.And you, which famous songs would you like to play again easily ?

     Give us your suggestions here

    *Available as direct download in the Joué Play app V2.0 at €2.99.

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