From musical ideas to top tracks!

Joué Play app V2.6

 Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced producer using a popular DAW, the Joué Play App helps you capture your musical ideas. New features have been developed to give you all the tools you need for a truly creative sketching process. From early musical ideas to top tracks: It all starts here!


Capture your musical ideas with ease

The Joué Play, along with its intuitive application, allows you to play like on a traditional instrument: without any settings. Once placed on the Board, the application directly recognizes the chosen Pad (guitar, piano, keys or drum) and offers a range of instruments to start playing immediately. From rock to electro through hip-hop, all styles are available with high-quality sounds and integrated effects.

Bring your musical ideas to life with new easy-to-use tools:

  • Section edit : You’re not limited to recording one single loop anymore. Now organize your ideas by splitting your project into several sections to create complete songs. Choose the length of your section by clicking on it and give it a name, it’s that easy.
  • Tap tempo : Set the BPM that you have in mind by simply tapping on the pad.

The Joué Play, compact and lightweight, slips easily into a backpack… Plug it to the app and create on the go, when the inspiration comes!


Finalize your creation in a DAW

If you're already using a DAW (digital audio workstation), you can now export your project as audio STEMS or MIDI files to polish your track in your music production software.

Joué Play App v2.6 export MIDI et audio

As you carry on adding details to your track in your favorite DAW, you can also use the Joué Play as a MIDI controller with the Pro Option to add an expressive touch.


Share your musical ideas with your band

We know that it takes many talents to make a great song! You’re thinking of a melody? Sketch it in the Joué Play app and export your project to collaborate with your band members!

As you make your musical project grow with other musicians, update your sketch: anytime, anywhere.



Download v2.6 of the Joué Play App for Windows (min. 8.1), macOS (min.10.11) and iPadOS (min.10.3) here.

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