Create with the sounds of Vitalic Artist Pack!

Intuitively compose a track, a jingle, sketch musical ideas, collaborate with your band, replay famous songs with the "How To Play" series... The application that comes with Joué Play keeps evolving to bring you even more creativity.

Whether you are an accomplished musician or a motivated beginner, the Artist Packs invite you to explore different musical worlds to create. After the French electro artist Rone, the producer Vitalic is now part of the Joué Play catalog!

Get inspired by the sounds of famous artists

Each Pad has its own bank of 12 instruments to play all musical styles while adding high quality effects. These sounds, created from recordings of acoustic and electronic instruments, are an integrated part of the app. To expand your horizons and go further in the creation, Joué Music Instruments launches a new concept: the Artist Packs.

Sound packs signed by famous artists appear in the application! Each pack, created in collaboration with the artist, invites you to dive into their iconic sound universe to explore, get inspired and create.

Available as a direct download in the application, each pack offers eight signature instruments presented as 'presets' dedicated to the different pads.

Get inspired by Vitalic sounds to create!

Emblematic figure of the French Touch, Vitalic invites you to create your own tracks inspired by his techno and new wave sounds.

The artist, who celebrates this year his twenty years of career with a new album (DISSIDÆNCE), started his tour at the Zenith in Paris last March and is currently playing all over Europe.

The artist signs a pack marked by aggressive analog synthesizers, strange leads of mythical modulars and vintage drum machines. 

Listen to a preview of the sounds from his Artist Pack:

Rone's Artist Packs are upgraded!

The artist Rone, who has established himself as a major talent of the French electronic music scene, was the first to integrate the Joué Play catalog.

Composed each of 4 instruments and a cover from one of his emblematic tracks, the three packs of Rone are merged into one Artist Pack. A pack with dreamy and delicate sounds, fed by synthetic layers, deep bass and percussions halfway between club and electroacoustic.

Listen to a preview of the sounds from his Artist Pack:

If you have created projects with the old Rone Artist Packs, they are still saved. Your previous purchase is also transferred to this new pack.

**The packs are available as direct downloads in the Joué Play App v2.7 for €4.99.

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