Making digital music in a fun and intuitive way

Billie Eilish in pop music, Bigflo & Oli in french rap, u.r.trax in techno… there are countless young musical prodigies who get spotted from adolescence thanks to their maturity, their musical knowledge and their ease with the modern creative tools. If this ultra-connected and reactive generation knows how to evolve at the speed of its time, it also has access to a multitude of softwares, gadgets and other instruments.

Indeed today, you can create -or when you just begin, recreate a song- in let's say one hour. Example with Joué Play, at the crossroad of electronic and acoustic instruments, which allows to make music in an alternative and most of all simple way, no matter your level...

A new way to learn music

How many children traumatized by music theory lessons have not completed their first year of piano or violin lessons? However, when you are moved by a concerto as an adult, you can't help but regret having given up so quickly... In the same way, music production softwares that allow you to make electronic music can quickly confuse. Passionate about music, the Joué team strives to democratize access to musical creation and allows everyone to unleash their talent and creativity. Ergonomic, intuitive and fun, the Joué Play combines the key features of digital music-making tools with the expressiveness of “traditional” instruments. The complete system (instrument + app + content) offers a new approach to practice: fast, fluid and based on experience.

A complete and playful system

Joué Play, what is it? It's all in the name: the designers wanted its users to experiment and play, instead of spending time adjusting complex functions and parameters as with computer music softwares. But more than just a gadget, it's an all-in-one concept that includes an expressive multi-instrument, an intuitive app and interactive content for practicing: the perfect combination to guarantee fun and spontaneity while learning!

The Joué Play is as simple as its design: a wood and metal base, the "board", which contains electronic sensors and on which are placed interchangeable silicone surfaces, or "pads"; the latter recall the shape of a keyboard, the frets of a guitar or the squares of a rhythm machine or a sequencer. Place the pad of your choice on the board, plug it into a tablet or computer, install the application supplied with the Joué Play and play instantly with the many sounds available. With interchangeable pads, go from drums to bass to synthesizer in the blink of an eye. Record multiple musical loops and layer them to create a complete song. A metronome will help you keep the rhythm and if you're not quite in time a "magic wand" feature helps you to readjust the notes.

If you are just getting started, interactive tutorials will help you get familiar with the instrument and practice by reproducing your favorite songs. A series to learn the basics is also about to see the day to guide you through your first steps with the instrument.

Open up the world of digital music production

The goal is to progress step by step and gain more autonomy to discover the richness of the instrument and its different features. Maybe it will make you want to go further and work on computer music softwares or digital audio workstations (DAW) like GarageBand, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Fruity Loops… with which the Joué Play is compatible. Indeed, with the pro option, the device becomes a powerful MIDI controller and allows you to play with the sounds and virtual instruments of your choice. Its MPE technology unlocks the expressiveness of the pads by playing with modulation, aftertouch, pitch, glissando effects, etc.

But before moving on to the next step, why not rub shoulders with a cover of a classic tune like Billy Jean as our Players did, just to take the Joué Play in hand? A good way to discover this device designed and manufactured in France with sustainable materials: because fun can also rhyme with ethics...


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