Yeahman integrates the Joué Play in his live show filmed by Cercle!

Multi-instrumentalist Yeahman integrated the Joué Play Pro Option in his set-up for a live show filmed in the Jordanian desert with Cercle Music. He tells us about what attracted him to this MIDI controller, the features he's exploiting and how he has been incorporated the instrument into his creative process.

What attracted you to the Joué Play pro option?
I was attracted first of all by its design which intrigued me at the beginning: the aspect, the touch feeling that I found very interesting. I was able to try it at a friend's house. In my use, what I found very interesting is its expressiveness, its sensitivity. I found it very sensitive and it took into account certain variations that I had not encountered on other MIDI controllers. The Joué Play is very enriching in my creative process.

  • With which software do you use the Joué Play Option Pro for your productions?
    I use with Ableton Live and I integrate the Joué Play option Pro as a MIDI instrument.

  • How did you prepare the integration of Joué Play for your live show?
    Well, it wasn't linear. I started from a first basic use in which I exploited some of the samples and presets available in the Joué Play app. As time went by, I refined my use and I used it more as a control instrument for a MOOG Mother 32 that I use for my live performances, to control it with Ableton Live via the Joué Play. That's how I integrated the Joué Play in my last live show.

  • Which features do you use the most?
    I have made several uses. One more "live" on stage with a custom mapping in which I've modified the features of the instrument. During the production process, I used the different pads to express myself with vibratos, slides that allow to obtain different effects via reverbs to obtain quite interesting things on naps. Finally, it depends on the process I'm in: production or live.


  • What is the role of the Joué Play Option Pro in your home studio ? Do you plan to use this MIDI controller for your next musical projects ?

    The Joué Play has a good place in my studio. I use it regularly when I need to create texture, to explore new ideas. I've only had the MIDI controller for a few months so I plan to keep exploring different possibilities, uses. In musical projects it's quite handy for the touring part too because it's light and easy to carry. It has a good place in my upcoming artistic projects.



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