Create, modify and share your songs in an intuitive way thanks to the application which accompanies the instrument.

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The Joué Play app is available for Windows, macOS and iPadOS.

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new in the app

Back to school means new exciting things!

The Joué Play app has been developed to make musical practice even more intuitive and spontaneous.

Practice Projects

You could already practice by replaying your favorite songs thanks to the How to Play projects accompanied by their tutorials. Now learn the basics of musical practice with the Practice projects illustrated in video on our YouTube channel.

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update v2.8

One more step towards intuitivity

New features to free musical practice are available in the Joué Play app v2.8. Discover the Free Tempo mode and Section Editing.

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One minute, one feature

Discover how to quickly get started with the Joué Play app and start creating your songs!