Play on an expressive and sustainable multi-instrument you can bring anywhere with you.

A unique playing experience

The Joué Play instrument merges the quality of traditional musical instruments with the technology of the digital world. It is sensitive to natural gestures for unparalleled expressivity.

A modular instrument

Why choose just one instrument when you can have several in one?
Once placed on the Board, the interchangeable Pads instantly transform the instrument into a guitar, keyboard, drums or xylophone.

Choose your style

Rather rock, reggae, electro, trap...? Each pad has its own bank of 12 instruments. Explore different musical styles and experiment with new sounds thanks to the integrated effects!

To enrich your songs, find the instruments created in collaboration with artists in the Artist Packs.

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With you, everywhere you go

The design of the Joué Play has been thought out to adapt to all playing styles. Compact and lightweight, it slips easily into a backpack and follows you on the go. Don't let any musical idea slip away!

Made in France

sustainable materials

3 years warranty

Technical specifications

Play Board

Materials: PEFC beech wood, metal
Pressure sensitive captors
RFID detection

Play Pads
Materials: Soft silicone
RFID tags

Connection : USB type C cable (power and data)
Frequency : 13.56 MHz
Adaptors USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to Apple lightning included

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