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The Joué Play was imagined and designed to give access to musical practice with simplicity and immediate fun, whatever your age, background or musical level. Now find out how to get started with your Joué Play.

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Create your track in no time

1. Plug your Joué Play
2. Choose a Pad
3. Select a sound

Let's Play!

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practice tutorials

Get familiar with the fundamental principles of musical practice.

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how to play covers

Learn and progress by replaying a selection of popular songs.

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Join the Community of Players

Share your experience with the community and chat with Players from all over the world!

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Join our referral program and make your friends save €15 on their Joué Play. In exchange, you earn €35 for each referred sale!

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Make people try the Joué Play or answer their questions, be referenced on our site as a test point and boost your referrals.

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Pro Option

You want to go further into digital music production?
The Pro option instantly transforms your Joué Play into an expressive MPE MIDI controller that reacts like a real instrument.

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