Playground Program

We help those already helping

playground program

We support those who help marginalized people

We collaborate with a growing network of nonprofit organizations providing innovative community workshops. Joué Play units are donated to charities worldwide leading workshops with it to make youth and marginalized people experiment with digital music and find a way to express their creativity, connect with others, gain confidence.


Put all the benefits of musical practice in theirs hands

Get people in need inspired to practice music by having fun creating with J-Play. Get instruments dotation through the Playground Program, but also support and resources for your non profit structure and put all the benefits of musical practice in theirs hands.

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Why leading workshops with JPlay?

During workshops, adults and youth realize they don't need any formal training to compose music thanks to a fast and fluid musical experience, far from the hard work of the classical musical approach and from geeky computer-based softwares. The an all-in-one system simplifies access to music practice and guarantees pleasure and intuitiveness.

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Save preparation time with several customizable workshop projects designed by Joué Music to experiment with digital music creation and learn the basics. Find the help you need to implement Joué Play in your structure and share your ideas with a community of teachers.

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Musical immersion in Cameroon

Tanguy Lafond heads music composition projects with teenagers. This led him to taking his Joué to Cameroon to make music based on sounds of rural Africa. He tells us how the J-Play MIDI controller enables him to work from anywhere, with anyone.

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The Sound of New York

The Grammy Award-winning music artist and Jay-Z’s sound engineer Young Guru signed an exclusive Artist Pack with proceeds donated to 211 Community Impact an organization on a mission to stimulate interest in community issues and foster action for change.

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