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Joué Play is an eco-designed digital instrument that offers a fast and fluid musical experience, far from the hard work of the classical musical approach and from geeky computer-based softwares. It's an all-in-one system that simplifies access to music practice and guarantees pleasure and intuitiveness.

In addition to spreading musical practice which has known positive effects on socialisation, creativity and personal development, Joué Music Instruments is now taking part in a bigger social engagement.

Made in collaboration with an artist who wants to invite you to create intuitively by taking inspiration from his musical universe, a new Artist Pack will soon be added to the Joué Play App. Having previously released Artist Packs with French-Touch artists like Rone and Vitalic, Young Guru is the first US-based music artist on Joué’s roster with a deep engagement in charity.


Young Guru & 211 Community Impact

The Grammy Award-winning music artist and Jay-Z’s sound engineer Young Guru signed an exclusive Artist Pack with proceeds donated to 211 Community Impact.


Young Guru, who the Wall Street Journal profiled as “the most famous and successful engineer in the history of hip-hop,” is a Grammy-winning producer, sound engineer and educator. Commonly labeled as “The Sound of New York” having mixed ten of Jay-Z’s albums, Guru began his career in the late 1980s as a DJ, quickly expanding to become a highly renown sound engineer, eventually aligning with Jay-Z in the 1990s. Guru has worked with major artists including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ludacris, Ghostface Killah, Cam'ron, and many others.

Created in collaboration with the artist, this pack will make you dive into Guru's very deep and singular sound signature with hip-hop, reggae, soul and rock influences. But that's not all: all proceeds from Young Guru's Artist Pack will benefit 211 Community Impact, a non-profit organization close to his heart.

211 Community Impact (also known as 211ci) is a Newark, New Jersey organization on a mission to stimulate interest in community issues and foster action for change. They provide community education programs, public policy information and general resources for active community engagement for Newark residents. Raised in Newark, Guru has been involved with the local community for decades.

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The Artist Packs catalog will be updated regularly with new artists and activists who want to invite you to create intuitively getting inspiration from their musical universe and share with you their commitment to the causes they care about.

**Available as direct download in the Joué app, Artist Packs offer 8 signature instruments (2 per pad) for €4.99

Get started with a versatile multi-instrument and its intuitive dedicated app coming with a library of built-in tutorials and play immediately!

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