J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum
J-Play Drum

J-Play Drum

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J-Play is a fun, expressive and durable multi-instrument. It can be used with its dedicated app for an ultra-intuitive practice, inspiration or even to quickly sketch out musical loops. It can also be used to control all music production software.

Make the most of the instrument's versatility. Start with a Board to which you add a Pad, then add other Pads as you wish: Guitar, Drum, Piano, Audio and Keys Pad.

**The dedicated app is available on iPad, MacOs, Windows and iPhone.

**MPE function: software update available with Pro Option.

Placez le Drum Pad sur le J-Play pour créer des beats ! Explorez les sons de percussions, de batteries électroniques et acoustiques grâce à l'application dédiée. Variez la pression sur les touches et utilisez les zones d'effets. Utilisez la fonction sampler : enregistrez ou importez vos sons et créez un kit de drum unique !

- Expédition: 5 jours ouvrés

- Retours gratuits sous 30 jours

(!) If you want to use your J-Play with an iPad, please verify the port type. Most lightning cables/adapters won't work. USB-C to lightning adapters are available as accessories in our store.

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Catch the moment!

Your Digital Music Companion

Bring musical practice into your daily life. Remix your favorite song on the subway, create rhythms with your loved ones, or sketch out your track of the year in a park. J-Play is with you everywhere to boost your creativity.


Explore the world of beat making


Create loops on the fly by connecting the J-Play Drum to its dedicated app. The J-App includes percussion, electronic and acoustic drum sounds. Thanks to the sampler function, record or import your sounds and create a unique drum kit!


Replay the rhythms of your favorite artists, thanks to a large collection of well-known tracks available in the J-app. Get creative by remixing them: change the sounds, the tempo or add your own rhythms. Capture your musical ideas with J-Play Drum.


Take your instrument a step further by adding other pads (guitar, piano, keys, audio) as you need! With the pro option, customize your drum pad and increase its expressiveness with MPE mode.

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Get inspired to create

Take your first steps with the stand-alone J-App or connect the J-App to your J-Play and play instantly. The J-App includes tutorials and a library of covers updated every month to interpret or remix.

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Your first beats with the J-app!


- 1 Wooden Board

- 1 Pad Drum with 12 keys

- 1 effect zone + 1 effect bubble for adding distortion/reverb

- 1 USB-C/ USB-C cable

- 1 storage bag

- J-App included with dedicated sounds

(!) If you want to use your J-Play with an iPad, make sure you know which port to use. USB-C to lightning adapters are available as accessories.


Wood from sustainably managed forests (FSC). No polluting batteries. Less than 5% plastics.


Production is carried out with suppliers who share our values, mostly located in France to limit carbon footprint.


The technology implemented in the J-Play offers modularity and natural gestures for a unique musical experience.

Play it your way!

Whether it's a music creation console in a child's classroom or an ultra-expressive MIDI controller in a producer's studio, the J-Play adapts to every style. Do you prefer guitar, drums, piano or vocals? Choose your instrument and transform it as you wish.

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