Shape any audio recording with ease!

Record a voice and add effects intuitively with thanks to the new Audio Pad

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The app coming with the multi-instrument is getting better and better to give you more intuitiveness, creativity and freedom. After the new Audio Sampler, that allows you to have fun by recording and playing with any sounds, the app now offers a way to create a complete audio track!

Audio editing more intuitive and fun than ever!

When it comes to adding audio effects with “classics” production software, it can become very complex. On top of all manner of editing tools there are a heap of audio effects that can be applied to audio recordings to get the sound you require… BUT, these endlessly editable parameters finally end up limiting your creativity and your patience! The Joué App make your musical experience easier. With the new audio pad, audio edition has never been that intuitive and fun!

Audio Pad flower's effects

Craft your audio track easily

Use the editing effects available in the Audio Pad's flower to make the sound you just recorded cooler and more unique. Create your own effects mixes and save them for reuse! You have everything you need to sing like your favorite artist or remix audio files with ease.

editing effects


Use the Harmonizer to pitch shift the vocals and have multiple vocals running for ending up with amazing textures!

editing effects


Add Bitcrusher to produce distortion and provide a "warmer" sound impression, or a harsh one, depending on intensity.

editing effects


Use Reverbs to create a sense of space, provide atmosphere and add that little bit of “life” to your voice.

editing effects


Boost or cut some frequency ranges with audio filters.

editing effects


Use the Octaver to transpose a signal by a third, a fifth or an octave lower or higher.

Live effects

Play with effects on the fly

Edit your live audio recording to get more punchy sounds. Let your creativity speak for itself by capturing the moment!

beat repeater

Use Beat Repeater to get a portion of your audio in loop. 


Make different intensity of Gate to cut the sound


Use Distortion to increase their gain, producing a "fuzzy", "growling", or "gritty" tone."


Add Delay to simulate the sound of echoes

You own a Joué Pro ?

Use the Audio Pad with your favorite DAW

The audio pad has the advantage of offering a large number of controls, all within easy reach. The flower shape allows to group several effect, volume or control parameters. The parameters of the dynamic circle allow it to be used as a joystick (like on the prophet VS, a famous synthesizer) and to link controls together, which is very appreciated for sound spatialization for example. It can also be used to manage DJing effects with mixing software. It’s up to you to figure out how to use the Audio Pad to control any sound parameter you want!


Let's Play!

Whatever your age, level or ambition, customize the Joué Play with fun and creative pads to experiment different musical universe and then upgrade to the Pro Option to unlock the MPE feature while using it as a modular MIDI controller

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