A new way to make music

Whether you're looking to push the boundaries of music production or to take your first steps into digital music-making, the Joué Play follows your flow and transforms your musical experience.

joué play system

Enter the world of digital music-making

Play and compose on an expressive multi-instrument that comes with an intuitive app and interactive content. Develop new skills, improve your technique, sketch any musical idea and graduate from the Joué Play app to more complex music softwares.

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An expressive multi-instrument

An expressive modular and sustainable instrument that you can bring anywhere with you.

An intuitive app

A simplified music software with over 40 professional-quality sounds.

Interactive content

Built-in tutorials and covers to recreate popular songs.

joué play pro option

Push the boundaries of music production

Bring unique expressivity to your musical creations, access a new dimension of sound design with a modular MPE MIDI controller and combine all your controllers into one portable device that you'll take anywhere.

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made in france

sustainable materials

unique expertise

about joué music instruments

Intuitive and sustainable instruments for your creativity

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an expressive multi-instrument

an intuitive app

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