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Joué Play
Joué Play
Joué Play
Joué Play
Joué Play
Joué Play
Joué Play
Joué Play
Joué Play
Joué Play
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Joué Play

Joué Play

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A solution without complex settings. Connect the Joué Play to its dedicated app and record your musical loops instantly!

Joué APP

A catalog of covers to replay famous songs or remix them and sound packs created in collaboration with renowned artists to inspire you.


An active community to give you tips and a collection of tutorials to help you take your first steps.

MIDI Compatible

Can be used with all MIDI-compatible music production applications and software, from Garage Band to Ableton.

play drum pad

Record beats in an intuitive way

PLAY piano pad

Play melodies instantly and freely

play keys pad

Play in tune

play guitar pad

Vary the pressure on the keys to add expressivity

play audio pad

Shape an audio recording!

creative effects

The effect zones on each of the Play Pads allow you to modify the sound to add the little touch that will make the difference in your creation. Add distortion, reverb and more.

expressive effects

Joué Play's unique technology offers a sensational expressiveness. Express yourself in the moment with natural gestures and enjoy all the spontaneity and expressiveness of acoustic instruments.

Don't program, play!

Switch pads on the fly to instantly transform your Joué Play into a guitar, piano, drums or keyboard. Find the simplified version of the essential music creation tools in the Joué Play app available on macOS, Windows and iPadOS.


Choose the number of bars and easily record your musical loops.


Adjust the volume of your song or of individual tracks.

visual feedback

View the notes that are played in real time.


Change the tune of your instruments and choose your scale.


Choose the BPM of your track and activate the metronome to play along.

live quantize

Always play in rhythm by setting your notes on the tempo.

MIDI & Audio export

Export your song as MIDI clips and audio STEMS.

section edit

Cut your track into parts, duplicate and move them.

free tempo

Your first loop sets the tempo of your track.

joué app - sampler feature

Create your own sounds!

The sampler allows you to create as many sample kits as you want and use them in any of your projects. A very fun feature to create unique tracks!

Joué app - covers

Turn the songs you love to listen to into the tracks you love to play and remix!

Mixing the latest tracks with timeless hits, a selection of covers, updated every month, invites you to interpret a track step by step or remix it!

Discover covers

Joué app - Artist Packs

Add sounds to your library through Artist Packs!

Created in collaboration with renowned artists, these sound packs invite you to take inspiration from different musical worlds. By downloading an Artist Pack in the Joué app, you help an association acting for the cause supported by the artist.

Discover artists packs

Create, whatever your level and ambition!

With You Everywhere You Go

Connect your Joué Play to the app and create anywhere, when inspiration comes! Compact and lightweight, it slips easily into a backpack and follows you on the go so you don't let any musical idea slip away.

An Eco-Designed Instrument

The Joué Play has been designed to last over time, like an acoustic instrument. Its production is made with suppliers located in France, using sustainable materials.

Discover players from all over the world with all levels of musical experience!

Joué Community

Joué Pro - MPE MIDI Controller

Use MPE mode with the Pro Option

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