Joué Pro technical specifications

Technical specifications


Joué Pro is a new generation MPE MIDI controller:

• Sensitive to velocity
• Polyphonic and Channel Aftertouch
• Vibrato
• Glissando
• Y-control
• Full MPE
• Fully customizable via Joué Pro Editor software
• Suitable for any music software

Joué Pro can also connect directly to any hardware Synthesizer via the reConnect cable.


Pro Board

Instantly transform your Pro Board into a multitude of instruments and effect controllers using interchangeable Pro Pads and easily create music while keeping natural gestures.
Weight: 830g
Connectivity : USB type C
Power supply: USB
Full MIDI compatibility over USB
Main components: wood, sheet metal, polyphonic touch sensor, electronic board, magnets, NFC readers
Certifications : CE , FCC

Pro Pads

Pro Pads, made of flexible and elastic silicone, transmit the slightest pressure variations to the touch sensor. Each Pad is equipped with a memory that stores its own MIDI configuration. Pro Pads are magnetized to stay securely in place on the Pro Board when playing.