Joué Play technical specifications


Technical specifications


Play Board

Instantly transform your board into any instrument thanks to Play Pads and create music easily with Joué Play app.




 Weight: 650g

Connectivity: USB type C

Full MIDI compatibility over USB  



Play Pads

Customize your sounds using built-in mixing effects and control Joué Play app with the Play and Record buttons.


Never get out of tunes using its 17 preconfigured keys with a variety of sounds such as harp, marimba or synth leads.
Play your favorite riff and make it sound like if it's played on a real guitar.
Create melodies or chords with this 25-key keyboard and its piano, synths, and evolving pads sounds.
Create an infinity of rhythms with sounds ranging from acoustic drums to electronics sounds and percussions.




Joué Play App

Use Joué Play app to record, mix and share your creations. Everything is accessible from the main screen.


- 40 instruments with built-in mixing tools & effects

- 8-tracks sequencer
- Mixer
- Looper
- Smart Undo
- Adjustable tempo
- Track sharing feature

Compatibility: iOS (10.3 & higher), MacOSX (10.11 & higher) et Windows (8.1 & higher)