Buying a Joué Pro Board gives you access to  Bitwig Studio 8-track and Arturia Analog Lab Lite

To obtain your Bitwig and Arturia credentials, you need to submit your activation ID once you have dowloaded the software.

Please send us an email at : with the Joué Pro Board serial numbers (2 serial numbers are needed)to get your activation ID.


How to get my Joué Pro Board serial number?

- On the tag behind the box of your board:

- In Joué Editor: connect your Joué Pro Board without any pads on it to a computer, then in the editor, press ALT + Click on the board in the editor interface.

Buying a Grand Fretboard or a Grand Clavier grants you access to a special UVI soundpack, as well as a 50€ coupon for UVI Falcon.

To download your UVI soundpacks, please send us an email at :  : with your pad (Grand Clavier or Grand Fretboard) serial number.


How to get my pad serial number?

Connect your Joué Pro Board to a computer, place the pad on it, and, in Joué Editor press ALT + click on the pad.


How to install my soundpacks?

Joué's soundpacks can be used with UVI workstation or UVI Falcon

  1. Download UVI Workstation for free ici and follow the installation procedure.
  2. Launch UVI Workstation.
  3. Connect your Joué to a computer.
  4. Click on "Files" and select "Audio and MIDI settings", then select "Joué Play" on the Port A and click on "OK". (Press "Refresh MIDI Devices" if "Joué Play" doesn't shows up). .

Click on the navigation icon, then on the preferences and go in the "soundbanks" tab to set up the path of the file (add and select the folder where the .ufs fil has been placed).

Click on "OK" and restart UVI Workstation.

Now, Joué's soundpack should appear in the soundbanks navigator, double-click on a preset to use it, and play!

For each preset, you will ses macros that have been setted up especially for Joué's pads controls.