Customize your J-Play and increase its expressiveness !

Upgrade your J-Play with the pro option and modify the sensitivity, velocity and the type of messages sent. Allow your J-Play to respond to natural gestures such as vibrato, bending and aftertouch: bring your virtual instruments to life!

Pro Option
Pro Option
Pro Option
Pro Option
Pro Option
Pro Option
Pro Option

Pro Option

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Turn your J-Play into a super-expressive MPE MIDI controller with the Pro option. The Pro option is a firmware upgrade that gives you full access to the J-Pro Editor, including MIDI configuration and MPE specification.

Get your license key with your order.

The Pro option is a firmware upgrade that gives you access to the Joué Editor, MIDI mapping and MPE functionality.

This upgrade is not automatic, and must be done manually. You will receive an email after your order explaining how to activate your Pro option.

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Integrate J-Play into your production workflow

The J-Pro Editor is used to configure the Pads. Set each message sent by the pads, such as MIDI channel, note number, controller number (CC), pitch bend value and velocity amplitude.

macOS(10.13 minimum)
Windows(10 minimum)

What is MPE ?

Previously, playing on a MIDI controller could be frustrating when compared to a traditional guitar. While you could use your fingers on each string to create a pitch-bend or tremolo effect, reproducing the same sound on a MIDI controller could take hours of parameterization and modulation, without ever sounding like it would on a traditional guitar. MPE has revolutionized the use of MIDI controllers, turning them into instruments with their own personality and expressiveness, making playing much more natural and intuitive.

MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) technology enables more information to be transmitted between a playing surface (a controller) and a digital sound generator, in particular by making it possible to control the volume of the sound (by pressing harder or softer on the controller), the pitch (i.e. the tonality of the note played) and the timbre of the instrument itself, for each note independently.

Discover all the pro option features

A new way to control your music software

Gain in productivity with a modular, compact MPE MIDI controller. Combine all your controllers into a single device that's always at hand on the road, in the studio or on stage.

Unique technology

Provided with a multi-touch sensor sensitive to pressure variations, the J-Play draws its unique expressiveness from expertise developed by Lemur, a pioneer in multi-touch controllers. The technology implemented offers modularity and natural gestures.

Turn your J-Play into a MIDI MPE controller

Choose the Full Pack version or compose the controller with the pads of your choice: