Our job offers

Profile sought

You have a strong background in digital marketing and communications. You are creative, have a flair for the formula and are able to come up with fresh ideas. You are rigorous with spelling, both in French and in English, and you also have a perfect command of oral communication. You have one or more successful experiences in the field (professional or personal). You master digital creation tools (Figma, Canva, Davinci, Adobe, etc...), you are very comfortable with content publishing platforms (FB, IG, Mailchimp...) and you are willing to learn new ones.
The mission

Your job will be to increase the visibility of the brand, plan, create and publish Joué Music Instruments' posts on social networks, write articles and animate the Players community.


Build a content plan for organic content, Create visuals and copy to publish on social networks, Write newsletters, Write blog posts, Exchange and animate with the community... All with the right tone of voice :)

> Based in Bordeaux

Join the Joué Music Instruments dev team to develop the next features of the app Joué Play.

Profile needed
Solid background in cross-platform application development. Agile and autonomous. Able to move from back-end to front-end, UI is not an issue. Mastery of the Juce framework is a big plus.

Specialties wanted:
- Social (user account, sharing, multi-user, chat. ..)
- UI / UX (mobile & tablet, touch interaction...)


> Based in Bordeaux