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Introducing the Joué Pro


The Joué Pro is an expressive MPE MIDI controller that reacts like a real instrument. Sensitive to natural gestures such as vibrato, bending and aftertouch, it brings your virtual instruments to life.


Using the interchangeable Pro Pads, instantly transform your Pro Board into a keyboard, fretboard or an effects controller. Move around freely in your studio or on stage thanks to the built-in magnets.


Gather all your controllers into one device that will always be on hand. Easily slip it into your backpack and you’re ready to hit the road.

The Joué Editor

The Joué Editor is used to configure the Pro Pads. Every MIDI message sent by the Pads such as MIDI channel, note number, control change, pitch bend range, velocity range can be tuned.

Compatible with your favorite music software

Joué Pro X Reason

Joué Pro X Bitwig

Joué Pro X Ableton Live

Made in France

Sustainable materials

2-year guarantee

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The UVI Soundpacks

Harness the full potential of MPE with polyphonic vibrato, pitchbend and aftertouch from a collection of sounds designed in exclusive collaboration with UVI.

This collection is customized for the Pro Grand Fretboard and the Pro Grand Clavier.

For any purchase of these Pro Pads, take advantage of a special UVI soundpack as well as a $ 50 coupon on UVI Falcon.

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