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Make music your daily common practice

J-Play Pack
J-Play Pack
J-Play Pack
J-Play Pack
J-Play Pack
J-Play Pack
J-Play Pack
J-Play Pack

J-Play Pack

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J-Play is a fun, expressive and durable multi-instrument. It can be used with its dedicated app for an ultra-intuitive practice, inspiration or even to quickly sketch out musical loops. It can also be used to control all music production software.

Make the most of the instrument's versatility. Use all the Pads to create: Guitar, Drum, Piano, Audio and Keys Pad.

**The dedicated app is available on iPad, MacOs, Windows and iPhone.

**MPE function: software update available with Pro Option.

- Livraison en 3 jours ouvrés.

- Livraison gratuite en France, Espagne, Portugal, Italie et Allemagne.

- Paiements disponible en 3 ou 4 fois sans frais

- Retours gratuits sous 30 jours

- Garanti 3 ans

(!) Si vous souhaitez utiliser votre J-Play avec un iPad assurez vous du type de port. La plupart des cables/adapteurs lightning ne fonctionnent pas. Des adaptateurs USB-C vers lightning sont en vente en accessoire.

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An engaging music console

The J-Play offers a playful, multi-sensory and an easy musical and learning experience. It's a simple, accessible instrument that can be used by everyone, whatever their level.


From rock to electro and hip-hop, the J-App provides familiar sounds and tunes to inspire and explore different sound universes.


A fun, easy experience, far from the complexity of traditional instruments or production software, to develop your creativity without barriers.


The app supplied with the J-Play allows up to 8 instruments to be played simultaneously by several players.

Create your tracks in no time

1. Plug your Joué Play
2. Choose a Pad
3. Select a sound

Let's Play!

Drum Pad


Explore percussion, electronic and acoustic drum sounds with the dedicated app. Vary the pressure on the keys and use the effects zones. Use the sampler function: record or import your sounds and create a unique drum kit!



Create unique guitar riffs and bass lines! Explore sounds from jazz to rock and electro to play chords, solo or bass lines with the dedicated app. Vary string pressure to add expressiveness, and enjoy iconic built-in guitar effects.


Always play in the right key, thanks to the tuning function! Explore guitar, bass and marimba sounds with the dedicated app.



Put the Piano Pad on the J-Play to compose melodies intuitively! Explore piano, synthesizer and organ sounds with the dedicated app. Vary the pressure on notes and use effects zones to create something unique!


Transform any recording with ease! Use editing effects to make the sound you've just recorded unique. Play around with effects on the fly, editing your live audio recording to create more powerful sounds.

Product specifications


Play Board
Materials: PEFC beech wood, metal
Pressure-sensitive sensor
RFID detection

Pads Play
Materials: Soft silicone
RFID tag

matériel informatique


Connection: USB C (power and data)
Frequency: 13.56 MHz


Compatibility with Joué Play app
iOS iPad 10.3 or later
MacOSX 10.11 or later
Windows 8.1 and above

Compatibility with all MAO software

Made in France

Production is carried out with suppliers who share our values, most of them are based in France to limit carbon impact.


Wood from sustainably managed forests (FSC). No polluting batteries. Less than 5% plastics.

Unique Know-How

The technology implemented in the J-Play offers modularity and natural gestures for a unique musical experience.

what they say

journal du geek

"Joué Play is ideal for all parents who want their children to get started in music in a simple and fun way."

winkco magazine

"It is an approach to learning through discovery that is reminiscent of Montessori pedagogy."

Musik Please

"The Joué Play is also proving to be a totally new pedagogical tool. There should be one in every school class, and not only in music classes."