Joué Play

Make music your daily common practice

The best way to start practicing music

Experimenting music-making with the Joué Play allows your child to begin his musical journey in a fun, intuitive and multi-sensory way. Combining more than 40 instruments in one, your child will love discovering the piano, the guitar or the drums to explore different musical worlds.

Designed for all!

Combinant plus de 40 instruments en un, votre enfant adorera découvrir la piano, la guitare ou encore la batterie pour explorer différents univers musicaux.

A moment of sharing

If your child can't get enough of playing the latestBillie Eilish hit, you can also introduce them to a classic like"I Wish" by Stevie Wonder with our series oftutoriels "How to Play" tutorials.

Allowing senses awakening

The benefits of daily musical practice are many. The Joué Play helps your child develop their musical ear, their creativity, their coordination skills, their imagination, their memory... The unique technology of the Joué Play brings electronic music back to the primary senses, especially the touch.

A sustainable instrument

Designed with an environmentally friendly approach, the Joué Play is manufactured locally and contains no batteries. Robust, it is splash and drop resistant to adapt to your child's pace.

what they say

journal du geek

"Joué Play is ideal for all parents who want their children to get started in music in a simple and fun way."

winkco magazine

"It is an approach to learning through discovery that is reminiscent of Montessori pedagogy."

Musik Please

"The Joué Play is also proving to be a totally new pedagogical tool. There should be one in every school class, and not only in music classes."

How it works

Create your tracks in no time

1. Plug your Joué Play
2. Choose a Pad
3. Select a sound

Let's Play!

Product specifications


Play Board
Materials: PEFC beech wood, metal
Pressure-sensitive sensor
RFID detection

Pads Play
Materials: Soft silicone
RFID tag

matériel informatique


Connection: USB C (power and data)
Frequency: 13.56 MHz


Compatibility with Joué Play app
iOS iPad 10.3 or later
MacOSX 10.11 or later
Windows 8.1 and above

Compatibility with all MAO software