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More and more teachers and therapists are using J-Play to bring music into their learning and healing. Browse lesson ideas, register to our dedicated program and learn from the experience of those who have already integrated J-Play into their activities.

Put all the benefits of musical practice in theirs hands

Let's help them find a way to express their creativity, connect with others and gain confidence.

An engaging musical console

The J-Play offers a fun, multi-sensory and fluid musical experience that makes every lesson unique. It's an accessible and straightforward device that allow everyone to get into musical practice, whatever the background.

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Save preparation time with several customizable workshop projects designed by J-Music. Find the help you need to implement J-Play in your structure and share your ideas with the community.

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Séverine Courau - Music teacher

“With the J-Play, we have this immediate pleasure and young people no longer put barriers in their minds. When I tell them they'll be able to do something in 1 or 2 hours, they doubt it, but in the end they manage it and are happy!”


"I use the J-Play with children with disabilities. The practice allows them to create music exactly like other children, which increases their self-confidence and reduces anxiety, fear and stress".

Tanya McKenna - Music therapist

"I've told colleagues how the J-Play enables children to create high-quality sounds, and how attractive the instrument is thanks to its colorful, tactile design. I also think that the J-Play is not just suitable for children: it would be perfect to use with adults too. Its professional look makes it appealing to all ages - in fact, in our program, all the teachers and parents had fun playing with it!"

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