"Cuff it" is a track from Beyoncé's 2022 album Renaissance, which won Best R&B Song at the 65th Grammy Awards. Combining disco, funk and r&b, this catchy song has received critical acclaim. Here's how to reproduce this track:
The Drums mix several rhythms. With "EDM" we have a classic rhythm with a kick on each beat, "Percussions" adds the clap on the second and fourth beats and a few rhythmic elements. We then have a rather disco rhythm with the classic kick-clap to which we add a snare with the "Hip-Hop" kit.
The bass is made with the pad guitar and the "Smooth Bass" sound, the bass line is very groovy and has a few slides to increase the delay effects on the notes.
The little cocotte gimmig is made with the "Strat Jam" sound and the Guitar pad, which is then doubled with the Scaler pad and the "Guitar Funk" sound.
The synth melody is made with the "Synth Pluck" sound and the melody sung by Beyoncé is reproduced with the "Digital Lead" sound.


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