Practice at your own pace and recreate your favorite songs thanks to interactive and playful content.

The Artist Packs

Available as a direct in-app download, each Artist Pack guides you through the recreation your favorite artist's songs with several levels of difficulty. To take it a step further, use the Signature instruments in your projects.

1 project easy level

To learn how to play the song note by note using visual feedback.

1 project difficult level

To fully master the piece with a complete composition.

4 signature instruments

To explore new sounds and enrich your own creations.

**Les Artist Packs sont uniquement disponibles depuis l'Apple Store et seront également disponibles depuis le Windows Store en Avril 2022.

Rone, who in a 12 years career has established himself as a key figure on the French electronic scene, opens the ball of Artist Packs and other equally prestigious artists will enter the catalog in 2022.

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The Artist Packs catalog is regularly updated with new artists from different musical genres and decades.
And you, which artists would you like to see there?

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For more tips and tricks, the How to Play tutorials are also available in video format on our YouTube channel.

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