Each month, 5 new songs are added to the Joué app library. Mixing the bangers of the moment with timeless hits, this selection invites you to replay a song step by step to interpret it or to get inspired to remix, and create.


Share your remix to get a chance to win a J-Pro Black Edition for you or the person of your choice!

Dates : From June 1st to 30

To join the contest, follow the steps bellow and increase your chances to win by adding a video of your remix when sharing it on the Joué Players Facebook group Players Community!


The J-Pro black is a very limited edition and has a unique design : entirely black with a slimmer body and rounded edges. The pro option is included, to know more about it you can refer to the dedicated page Joué Pro.

Choose your favorite track

Between the 4 new titles of the month (see below) available in the Joué app.


By changing notes, tones, temps and even by adding your own touch with an audio track or samples, be creative!

Export your project and share it!

On the facebook group Joué Players Community en utilisant #JOUEREMIXCONTEST and the name of the track you've remixed.


Winter is finally behind us, so to celebrate the beginning of summer and with it the remix season, we've put together a sunny selection for you!


A track sampled on the cult "The Message"by Grandmaster Flash. Get inspired by Coi Leray's lively flow and catchy melody, and create your own track that will resonate on car radios and, of course, on TikTok... "Yea cus girls is players too"!

Composition of the J-Cover:

Drum track (drum pad): Hip-Hop" sound to give a very classic rhythm. The "French" track is used to add a clap and a variation.

Synth track (synth pad): Euro Synth" sound to make the vintage melody on the synthesizer. 

Bass track (drum pad):  Synth Pluck" sound to get that vintage feel. It's a simple bass, but with transitions between measures or main note changes.


This track, a cross between EDM and electro-pop, has been an incredible success and is sure to inspire your next remix!

Composition of the J-cover:

Drum tracks (drum pad)It's divided into 3 tracks. The "French" sound is used for the main track, setting the rhythm. Then the "EDM" sound adds mass to the sound, and the "Percussion" sound reproduces the sound of the bell.

Bass tracks (guitar pad) The bass is doubled with the "Sub Bass" sound for added depth. 


Queen Rosalia's iconic track, a blend of merengue and electropop, inspires you to create a remix of this Latin-sounding hit!

Composition of the J-cover:

Piano Track (piano pad)The chords are bouncy and the "pop piano" sound is used to produce reggaeton tones.

Bass track (guitar pad)It's repetitive and follows the rhythm of the piano to produce a groove. "Sub Bass" sound

Percussion track (drum pad)The "Percussion" sound creates a groove based on Cuban and mambo sounds. The most important is the "EDM" sound, which places a binary rhythm on the track by playing on each beat; the kick (bass drum), the snare (snare drum) and a hit-hat (hi-hat).


Au DD is a song by French rap group PNL, released in 2019. The title means "day by day" and evokes the daily life of the two brothers members of the group, N.O.S and Ademo. The song has been a big hit in France and goes with a spectacular video clip shot on the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Composition of the Joué cover:

Melody tracks (guitar pad) : The melody track uses the "Harp" sound, a harp, which reproduces the arpeggio of the song. The reverb effect is used to add depth to the sound.  

Bass tracks (drum pad) : Drums are used to support the rhythm. We use the kick and snare of the EDM track. The "French" and "Trap" sounds give the rhythm. These are used a lot in rap tracks.  


The track is a remix of the iconic hit Blue (Da Ba Dee), by the group Eiffel 65. It ranks among the most popular on streaming platforms amassing 130,000 creations and 500 million views in total on TikTok. It's your turn to propose your best version of the song!

Composition of the Joué cover:

  • Melody track (piano pad) : A piano introduction with the main theme. Then it's doubled with an upper octave on the piano and on the synthesizer with "Synth Pluck" .
  • Bass track (guitar pad): A rhythmic bass with "Sub Bass" doubled on the synthesizer with "Euro Synth" to make it more massive. The double melody is also done on the synth to go with the bass notes.
  • Drum pad track (drum pad) : The drum pad is typical of electro tracks with a kick on all beats and a snare on the 2nd and 3rd beat and the hi-hat on all off-beats. 

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