Joué Play

The perfect instrument to get (back) into music!

The Joué Play is an intuitive and sustainable musical instrument that give access to a new experience in music making. To enter the world of digital music with ease, the instrument comes with the Joué Play application allowing you to create a song in no time. In addition to supporting our beginner or amateur users with our tutorial cover series, we're preparing the release of the "Artist Cover Packs".


Artist Covers Pack

The Covers Packs allow users to download artist's tracks directly into the Joué Play application in order to play them. With the agreement of the artist and his label, we reproduce the tracks and integrate them into the application.

A source of income

With each sale of the "Cover Pack" in the Joué Play app, the artist/label, receives a commission.

A new broadcasting channel

The Joué Play app, allows both labels and publishing houses to distribute tracks from their artist catalogs.

A way to pursue the experience

Extend the experience of the artist's fans by inviting them to reproduce his songs with the Joué Play.

Next version Joué Play App

The next version of the Joué Play app, which will be released in December 2021, will allow users to download and pay for their favorite artist's "Cover Pack" directly in the app.

Cover Pack: 3 tracks (4,99€)

Single Cover: 1 track (1,99€)

You are a label/artist and you will be present at MaMA festival 2021?

We invite you to book a meeting slot with Marjorie, our Marketing Manager, who will be at Mama Festival 2021 to learn more about the Artist Cover Pack project and begin our collaboration.