MPE and Joué Play

In this blog article, you’re about to learn more about MPE and how to use it with your Joué Play !

MPE (for MIDI Polyphonic Expression) is a new language based on the MIDI protocol (MIDI is for Musical Instrument Digital Interface), developed by Roger Linn, Roli, Apple, Moog, Haken Audio, Bitwig and other companies. Our Joué Play is developed with the MPE technology, let’s see how you can use it in your compositions, directly from your home !

What's MPE technology ?

MPE is a technological advance in relation to MIDI standard language (MIDI is for Musical Instrument Digital Interface). It is a communication protocole and a computer format dedicated to electronic instruments. Its goal is to convert a melodic pattern in a language read and recognized by a computer.

While MIDI technology was established during the 1980’s, MPE is a recent step forward for electronic music. Compared to MIDI, MPE transmits more information between a controller and numerical sound generator, by adding a volume control (with the velocity), a pitch control (meaning a tone variator) and the sound of the instrument itself. MPE allows a musical expressivity equal to traditional instruments (guitar, keys…).

Why using MPE ?

Before MPE, playing on a MIDI controller could be frustrating compared to traditional instruments, like a guitar. While you can use your fingers on each string to create a pitch-bend or tremolo effect, reproducing this sound on a controller could take hours on a DAW, with technical settings, and never get a high-fidelity result. MPE has drastically altered the MIDI controllers to make it an instrument with its own personality, with more intuitivity and natural feelings.

What about my Joué Play ?

When you buy a Joué Play with the Pro Option, it allows you to fully use the MPE technology and to have access to a modular MIDI instrument in real time. By choosing the Joué Play’s full pack, you’ll get access to a guitar pad, which allows you to have a complex and realistic musical expressivity.

And by choosing the Joué Play’s Pro option, you’ll have access to UVI MPE sounds, specially designed by ourselves.

So, what are you waiting for ?
Read further informations about Joué Play HERE.

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