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SAMPLER - App V2.9

We’re super excited to launch a brand new fun and creative feature in the Joué App : The Sampler. Get ready to experience music making with any sound!

What is sampling?

Historically, sampling played an integral part in the process of making beats and sounds. Sampling, as its name suggests, means reusing a portion of a sound recording (the sample) in a brand new way. This sound can be your grandmother's voice, a random noise you hear while cooking (running, commuting, working,…), an acoustic instrument or even everyday objects.

Have fun by recording and playing with any sounds!

The new Joué Play Sampler aims to empower creators to make music as deep as their imagination allows them to! With this new feature you can push even more creativity in a really fun way. Make something unique and share your musical identity with your loved ones!

Record it, play it, share it!

Record your own samples! Limitless musical creativity is the goal here. The sampler allows you to make as many Sampler Kits as you desire and use them in any of your projects.

Once your Board is connected to the device, you can create a new project with the Drum Pad on the Joué Board. Then, follow the flow to create custom sounds intuitively. If you feel confused while exploring the new feature, please follow the instructions here!

Bonus: add any sound from your personal library

If you use the application from your Mac or PC, you can integrate a sample from your hard disk into your "custom kit". To do this, drag an audio file into a pad when you’re in edit mode.

Couldn’t have done it without you.

Always listening to our users, whether they are beginners, amateurs or expert musicians, our community of Players remains our most important partner in the way they inspire us. This year, we push this even more by including our customers in the development process, both in hardware and software. The sampler was one of the most requested-for features from the community. Dozens of Players took the time to try this brand new feature before its public release to give us their feedback. We’re very thankful as they push us to improve, move forward and deliver today an audio sampler that reaches our but moreover their expectations!

Now, make as many custom Sample Kits as you desire to create unique tracks!Update to Joué App 2.9 at the App Store and Play Store.

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